Economic Development Strategy

The Town of Mount Pleasant is a rapidly growing bedroom community in the Charleston, SC region. As a community with limited land availability and ample opportunity, the Town worked with SB Friedman to draft a cohesive Economic Development Strategy with priorities identified for the remaining land available.

The Economic Development Strategy is grounded in physical place and addresses the existing town economic composition, land use and entitlements, incentives, community aspirations, and political context. It is intended to align with regional economic development work that SB Friedman is concurrently leading for the Charleston Regional Development Alliance and Metro Chamber of Commerce. As the fourth-largest and one of the fastest growing municipalities in South Carolina, the Town is in a unique position where there must be an intentional growth strategy to attract the right users for the remaining land available. This Strategy will inform development over the next five years with near- and longer-term action steps for the Town.

Our work to advance the Town Economic Development Strategy included:

  • Analysis of demographic and economic data to understand the existing economic composition and existing conditions within the Town;
  • Stakeholder interviews to discuss strengths, opportunities, historic challenges and target uses for the future;
  • Inventory of properties suitable for economic development; and
  • Development of a vision, objectives and high impact strategies for inclusion within the plan.

Results: SB Friedman provided the Town with initial strategic objectives and strategy priorities for inclusion within the report in December 2021. The final strategy document was completed in February 2022.