Developer Solicitation

Finding the right development partner is critical for a land owner seeking to get the highest-quality development, provide for land stewardship, and achieve goals, in addition to negotiating a good price. The firm has extensive experience in recruiting developers on behalf of public, corporate and not-for-profit land owners. Our approach adds value to the property by creating a “believable fiction” as to its potential development, sometimes seeking new entitlements, and then marketing the site. We assist in the resolution of any community conflict and goals as a key part of this initial activity. We tailor marketing to market conditions and level of developer interest, including a two-step RFQ/P process or other pre-marketing methods. We evaluate qualifications and solicit proposals from a shortlist to get both the best deal and, usually most important to our clients, the best project. We then assist in the detailed negotiations of the business transaction and development/redevelopment term sheet.