Site and Market Studies for Multi-Family Developments

SB Friedman prepares site and market studies for proposed multi-family housing developments to be funded under the Trust Fund Bond, HOME, Low Income Housing Tax Credit, and other IHDA programs.  

We worked directly for IHDA from 1994 to 1996 and were then on an IHDA-approved consultant list to provide such services. As a member of the National Council of Housing Market Analysts, SB Friedman continues to conduct these types of studies on behalf of developers for submittal to IHDA and other providers of affordable housing financing.

The proposed housing developments generally include a mix of low- and moderate-income units, and may include market-rate units. Our studies identify the potential pool of income-qualified renters by household size and age of primary householder for each level of unit affordability, competitive position of the proposed project, and estimated lease-up period. The studies also focus on site access and characteristics, design, neighborhood services, and relative concentration of affordable housing in the market area.

Results: Assignments have been completed for the following projects, among others. Several of the developments have been completed and leased.


Image Source: POAH / Gensler