Land Use Plan for Motorola Campus

The Village of Schaumburg selected the consulting team of Ginkgo Planning & Design and SB Friedman to develop a land use plan for the approximately 200-acre Motorola Solutions, Inc. (MSI) Campus. SB Friedman's role was to provide market-driven insight and analysis to help the Village create a visionary and implementable plan.

SB Friedman conducted a comprehensive analysis of recent office market conditions and trends regionally and nationally:

  • We compared the performance of urban and suburban submarkets, including new suburban office delivery trends within the Chicago region;
  • We reviewed national studies regarding demand for walkable office environments, locational preferences of millennials, and how these preferences are influencing corporate office location decisions;
  • Finally, we conducted a case study analysis of suburban corporate offices nationally in walkable mixed-use settings. After reviewing the three most relevant case studies, we identified the key elements that create a sense of place, and have the potential to make suburban office development more competitive in the future.

Based on our analysis, we recommended a new paradigm for suburban office, which included a mix of uses and features that would enhance the marketability of suburban office destinations. 

Results: The Plan Commission approved the plan and recommended that it be adopted as part of the Village’s comprehensive plan. SB Friedman is currently assisting the Village in implementation of the plan.


Image Source: Ginkgo Planning & Design, Inc.